Fishers Green (Eastern Aphelion)

Fishers Green Sailing Club Waltham Abbey

I have been in touch with the club contact. He is hoping to run 4 races, first start not before 11 am. Pay on the day, food and refreshments are […]

Shustoke SC (Eastern Aphelion)

Shustoke Sailing Club Reservoir Drive,, Shustoke, West Midlands

  Shustoke held its first Comet open in 2023, and it was a success. There is a growing fleet of Comets and the club comes highly recommended. The open will […]

Chipstead (Eastern Aphelion)

Chipstead Sailing Club Longford Lake, Chipstead, Sevenoaks, Kent

Details follow: Chipstead Comet Open Flyer 2024 chipstead 2024 We have been advised that a member of the club will be available the evening before if you need to be […]

Up River YC (Eastern Aphelion)

Up River Yacht Club Pooles Lane, Hullbridge, Essex

  The day before we have the open at Eyott SC, which uses the same stretch of water and an adjoining creek. You can sail between the clubs. There is […]

Crawley Mariners (Eastern Aphelion)

Crawley Mariners Yacht Club Lake View Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex

  A longstanding venue for Comet opens, and an ideal location for our highly manoeuverable dinghy. There is an active Comet fleet with a class captain. A small, friendly club […]

Ogston Sailing Club (Eastern Aphelion)

Ogston Sailing Club Quarry Lane, Alfreton, Derbyshire

The open will be on the 2nd day of Ogston's General Handicap open, with Comets having our own start. Free camping and campervan parking are available on Saturday night - […]