Committee Trophies

Committee Trophies

These Trophies are awarded by the Committee, hence their name, for the following contribution to the Association.

The Hossell Trophy is awarded to the person outside of the committee who has contributed most to the development and growth of the Comet Class

The FATE Trophy is awarded for fortitude in the face of adversity.

The Norah Jaggers Trophy for Articles submitted to the Perihelion or website.

Year Hossell FATE Jaggers
2001 Sue Coppenhall
2002 Diana Thompson
2003 Roger Lemmon
2004 Karen Symonds Catherine Bellamy
2005 Tony Ellison Robin Balham
2006 Alan Bennett Jennifer Lemon
2007 John Edwards Severn SC
2008 Henry Jaggers John Sturgeon
2009 John Windibank John Sturgeon
2010 Brian Weatherly Derek Coleman
2011 Nigel Austin Steve Gregory
2012 Chipstead SC Elinor Pawluk
2013 Nic Cross, John Edwards, Mark Govier Not awarded
2014 Nigel Fern Not awarded
2015 David & Rowena Bevan Peter Mountford
2016 Sarah Austin Carol Butcher
2017 Fiona Niddrie Attenborough SC Mary Starkey
2018 Bob Dodds Helen Leivers Chris Hatton
2019 Godfrey Clark Ben Palmer Norah Jaggers
2020 Craig Harrison Not awarded John Windibank
2021 Martin Loud Steve Gregory Phil Roberts
2022 Paul Hinde Bala SC Carol Butcher
2023 Nick Baber  Peter Mountford Pete Coop