Welcome to Comet Class Association

The Comet web site aims to give you information on the fast, friendly and fun single handed sailing dinghy, the Comet.

The Comet Class Association organises over 20 events each year. Although these are open to all Comet owners and helms, only members of the association are eligible to qualify for the various travellers trophies and enter the 2 championship events.

The class association also publishes a newsletter at regular intervals throughout the year. Each issue includes reports on the open meetings and championships, information about forthcoming events, lots of Comet tips, and rules updates.

Information about our open events and championships can be found on the calendar.


The Very Latest News

Comet 187 price vastly reduced – see classifieds for further details.


Nationals News – the very latest!

If you have already entered, but need to book evening meals only , then you can do so at https://webcollect.org.uk/burghfield/event/2017-comet-nationals-meal-bookings

If you plan to arrive on Friday or wish to camp or use a motorhome please contact the club manager to make arrangements at manager@burghfieldsailing.org

Directions to Burghfield SC can be found at http://www.burghfieldsailing.org/where

If you have a wide vehicle, please make sure you use the route that avoids the narrow swing bridge over the canal. If you have a high vehicle please take care as you enter the club in case the height barrier hasn’t been raised.

The Notice of Race, including race times, sailing instructions and course maps can be found at http://www.burghfieldsailing.org/comet_championships

Note that, as advised in the Notice of Race, individual copies will not be available at the club, so if you want your own copy then you need to print them out and bring them with you.

Please note width restriction on approach to BSC.

See –  http://www.burghfieldsailing.org/index.php?module=pagemaster&PAGE_user_op=view_page&PAGE_id=108&MMN_position=144:3

Booking for the evening meals at the National Championships is now available.

Evening meals are £12 per person.

Saturday – BBQ, pudding, tea/coffee.

Sunday – Roast Beef dinner, pudding, tea/coffee.

A vegetarian option will be available on both days.

The direct link is https://webcollect.org.uk/burghfield/event/2017-comet-nationals-meal-bookings

Whilst on the subject of the Nationals; all of the relevant paperwork for the A.G.M. is in the member’s area.


Opens, Reports + Results, etc, etc.

(if you get them to me!)

Western Aphelion results after 2 events are now available from the bottom of the Results page.

Frensham Pond information is now in the Calendar.

Attenborough report is in the Results table as is a link to an excellent image presentation and ‘drone’ video – a real delight. Many thanks Attenborough.

Fishers Green report and results are now in the Results table

Sutton Bingham report and results are now in the Results table

The Burghfield Open report and results are in the Results page.

Shearwater Open report is in the Results page. Unfortunately the full race results have yet to be forwarded.


All Open dates and Aphelions confirmed for 2017 – click here for the list.

New Perihelion editor!


Paul – “Nigel, you know how you have been helping Michael by adding the race results and reports to the web”.

Nigel – cautiously “Yes”.

Paul – “Well Norah and I have been thinking”.

Nigel – even more cautiously “Yes”.

Paul – “Well, wouldn’t it make sense for you to take over from Brian and put Perihelion together and the web stuff at the same time. Then Brian or I wouldn’t have to pass on stuff for the web site as it would come straight to you”.

So now you know how I came to be ‘persuaded’ to become the editor of Perihelion!

So if you have any news, comments, etc about anything Comet please get in contact – NewsEditor@cometsailing.org.uk

Latest Committee meeting

At the recent committee meeting virtually all of the Officers tended their resignation, therefore your Association needs you! If you have or know someone in the Association who has relevant character,  knowledge, skills etc please let the committee know so that Norah can start gently twisting arms, if required, as only she can!!!!!

As Nigel Austin was the ONLY committee member not present, off somewhere sailing but in a D-Zero, he was recommended for virtually all of the posts!

Comet Clubs

The Association would like to know of any club where Comets are sailed, please have a look at the Clubs page and if you know of other club(s) where Comets are sailed please e-mail me.


Nigel Fern



Last site update:

May 26th – Western Aphelion partial results added

May 22nd – Frensham Open details added to Calendar.

May 21st – Attenborough report added.

May 9th – BSC width restriction and Comet 539 For Sale added.