Welcome to Comet Class Association

The Comet web site aims to give you information on the fast, friendly and fun single handed sailing dinghy, the Comet.

If you would like to find out if there are Comets in action near you then go to the club-map page and enter your post code and change the search radius if required.

Also a list of clubs, and the last reported number of Comets sailed, can be found on the clubs page

The Comet Class Association organises over 20 events each year. Although these are open to all Comet owners and helms, only members of the association are eligible to qualify for the various travellers trophies and enter the 2 championship events.

The class association also publishes a newsletter at regular intervals throughout the year. Each issue includes reports on the open meetings and championships, information about forthcoming events, lots of Comet tips and rules updates.

Information about our open events and championships can be found on the calendar.



The 2022 Association Membership Forms are now ready and waiting, just click on ‘Join Now’ in the Top Right Hand corner of this page.


Attention all Centre Main sailors

If you are a Centre Main Comet sailor please click here for  information about side deck jamming cleats.

Click here for the 2021 AGM minutes.

The 2021 Results page is now (I think!) up to date. Apologies for the delay.

Perihelion 134 is in the Member’s area.

A5 booklet versions are also there for those who like the Booklet format. Once you open the link you should be able to print your own copy, don’t forget to use the “Double sided print” and “flip on short edge” options if your printer has them!

Results, Results, Results

In line with past years only 5 sets of the yearly results will remain on the website to keep data to a minimum, therefore if at the beginning of 2022 the Results set for 2016 will be deleted. If you need anything from these results please get it NOW!



Following on from the Dinghy Show here are three of the files that might be of interest to :

Comet-Why-Sail-a-Comet, Comet-Buying-a-Used-Comet and Comet-Dinghy


Andy has passed on some information relating to the White Xtra and the Reefing White Xtra, click here to see it. Additionally here is the latest spares list – SPARE PARTS PRICE LIST-2021 .


Members will be aware that we have the Perihelion Archive within the “Members’ Area”. This archive stretches back to the beginnings of the Association and contains a lot of very useful information but, as most archives do, it is sitting there unused, possibly because you did not know what was in it. Over the past few weeks Chris Robinson has looked through all of the Archive and has created an Index of Interesting Articles. Just hop into the Members’ Area to see what is on offer.



Similarly we are indebted to Chris Robinson for information on the Comet Dinghy and to Henry Jaggers for his Comet Association brochure or Comet Association Brochure (his traditional A4 3 fold) which may be of help to all.


The Orbital Champions page is now available – subject to errors and omissions!!


Links to latest Comet Price lists are in the Classifieds section.


The Minutes of the 2020 AGM and the updated Constitution are to be found in the Members’ Area.


Some DIFFERENT news rather that the doom and gloom regarding Covid. Andy is developing a modification to the support ring for the Reefing White Xtra (RWX). Click here for a direct link. There is also a link to this page from the Information page.


Measurement Rules

The new measurement rules to include the White Xtra are in the member’s area.

Comet Clubs

The Association would like to know of any club where Comets are sailed, please have a look at the Clubs page and if you know of other club(s) where Comets are sailed please e-mail me.


Nigel Fern