Welcome to Comet Class Association

The Comet web site aims to give you information on the fast, friendly and fun single handed sailing dinghy, the Comet.

The Comet Class Association organises over 20 events each year. Although these are open to all Comet owners and helms, only members of the association are eligible to qualify for the various travellers trophies and enter the 2 championship events.

The class association also publishes a newsletter at regular intervals throughout the year. Each issue includes reports on the open meetings and championships, information about forthcoming events, lots of Comet tips and rules updates.

Information about our open events and championships can be found on the calendar.

The Very Latest News

The 2019 Calendar is now finalised – the dates for Baltic Wharf and Hunts are no longer provisional, they are DEFINITE!

Some contact details in the calendar have been updated.

The ‘printable’ version of the calendar is now in the member’s area. You should have the password in Perihelion 126 – page 6.

Now that Michael’s computer and mine have finally started to talk to each other again the Results table is now complete!

Plans for the Dinghy show are underway, Chris Robinson would like some volunteers to ‘person’ our stand.

Perihelion 2019

This year we have had 1 extremely thin edition and 2 fat editions of Perihelion – the next edition is on my jobs to do list for the very near future – definitely before Christmas, if the print company can cope.

To spread the load next year I have decided that there will not be an ‘over the winter’ edition as very little happens other than the dinghy show but 3 medium editions reflecting roughly one third of the Open calendar. Therefore the 2019 Calendar will not be posted out as in previous years, all being well it will be e-mailed to you. It is nearly complete. Once it is Paul WILL be uploading it into its usual position.


Comet Clubs

The Association would like to know of any club where Comets are sailed, please have a look at the Clubs page and if you know of other club(s) where Comets are sailed please e-mail me.


Nigel Fern


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