Results 2019


Date Aphelion Venue Result Report
Sat 6th April Eastern Fishers Green 2019-FGSC
Sun 7th April Eastern Up River 2019-URSC
Sat 13th April Southern / Western Shearwater 2019-SwSC
Sat 27th April Southern / Western Burghfield 2019-BuSC BuSC-2019
Sun 28th April Eastern Hunts 2019-HuSC
Sat 18th to Sun May 19th Association Championships Severn 2019-Assocs Association Championships 2019
Sat 1st June Northern Winsford Flash 2019-WFSC WFSC_2019
Sun 2nd June Northern Carsington 2019-CaSC CaSC-2019
Sun 9th June Southern Frensham Pond 2019-FPSC
Sat 22nd June Northern Attenborough 2019-AtSC AtSC-2019
Sat 29th June Western Baltic Wharf 2019-BWSC
Sun 14th July Eastern / Southern Hawley Lake 2019-HLSTC HLSTC-2019
Sun 21st July Northern / Eastern Cransley 2019-CrSC CrSC-2019
Fri 26th to Sun 28th July National Championships Fishers Green 2019-Nats Nationals
Sat 17th Aug Southern Mudeford 2019-MuSC MuSC-2019
Sat 31st Aug Southern Tewkesbury 2019-TeSC  TeSC-2019
Sun 1st Sept Northern / Western Arden 2019-ArSC
Sat 7th Sept Eastern Rickmansworth 2019-RiSC RiSC-2019
Sun 8th Sept Southern Littleton 2019-LiSC
Sat 14th Sept Western Cotswold 2019-CoSC CoSC-2019
Sun 15th Sept Western Methyr Tydfil 2019-MTSC MTSC-2019
Sat 21st Sept Southern Crawley Mariners 2019-CMYC CMYC-2019
 Sun 22nd Oct Eastern Chipstead 2019-ChiSC
Sat 5th Oct Western Bristol Avon 2019-BASC
Sat 12th Oct Northern Redesmere 2019-ReSC
Sat 19th Oct Northern Staunton Harold 2019-SHSC SHSC-2019

Events in ‘bold’ type are the Final event for the specific Aphelion where the Aphelion awards will be made.

For current Aphelion results, just click the Region – Northern, SouthernWestern, Eastern.

These results are only for Association members.

Click here for the Orbital results.

These results are for every Open and Championships for ANY entrant whether they are member of the Association or not. It is a very large document which will need ZOOMING and SCROLLING to get the best out of it.

How to qualify for the Travellers’ Trophies

This year there are 23 Open meetings in 4 Aphelion areas. There are 3 discards in each Aphelion and each has 7 qualifying events. (NOTE : this year some events qualify in both of two regions so all regions have 7 qualifying events). Therefore, in order to qualify for a Regional prize you need to enter a minimum of 4 events. Your best results will automatically be counted towards your overall place.

To qualify for a position for an Aphelion, our regional series, you require entry in a minimum of 4 of the open meetings designated for that region. You may compete in any or all regions.

Your 4 best overall results from a region will be used to determine your position in that region. Some open events may allow qualification in both of two regions, so will count twice, once for each region.  Ties will be broken in favour of the helm with the most 1sts, 2nds, 3rds, etc. in their best three results. If a tie remains it will be broken by the best place nearest the end of the series.

The Orbital Trophy is our overall Travellers’ competition, To qualify, you need to enter a minimum of 6 events which include 6 events in any region including at least one of the National events (National or Association Championships).

Ties will be broken by the most 1sts, 2nds, 3rds, etc. in those six best results. Ties remaining after this will be broken by the better place at the National Championships or failing that by the better place at the Association Championships.

If an event is cancelled, the results for those events will be determined by calculating the average results in that series.

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