Reefing White Xtra

Andy Simmons, always the innovator, is developing an improved version of the supporting ring that has to be used when the sail is reefed. Below are his thoughts.

Some people have had a bit of trouble using the metal ring when reefing the new White Xtra sail. I’ve got a demo Comet at Falmouth and at first it all seemed OK but recently the sail has been more difficult to raise and lower. Holts Prolube helps if sprayed on the mast, specially the patch on the mast where the ring sits when reefed.

Also, a turn or two of insulating tape around the mast join helps. This also helps keep water out the mast join and possibly filling the very bottom of the mast.

New Comets have a small hole carefully drilled through the hull into the mast tube and another hole in the side of the mast bottom plug to keep it dry. We have a drawing available if required.

Anyway, what I’ve now tried is a heavier ring of thicker material with a shackle welded on. It doesn’t look very pretty as the welds aren’t stainless steel, the production ones will be fine. The sail is fastened to the ring and the halyard is tied to the sail. It worked much better than the old ring so a batch is being made and will be sent out to you in a couple of weeks.

Please don’t be tempted to reef without using the ring as it puts excessive pressure on the zip.

Any questions, or if you would like the Holts Prolube, you know where I am!


Andy Simmons

Comet Dinghies

01769 520545 / 07860 847845