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Throughout the life of Perihelion, many members have contributed articles etc., that through the sands of time, may have been forgotten and the content glossed over. We are attempting to redress that in the following table. In it you will find an ‘Overall’ subject heading, the article title, the author(s) and the Perihelion number that holds the specific document, thus leaving you with sufficient information to locate the document.

The Overall subject areas are:

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Why Sail a Comet Buying a used Comet Sailing a Comet
Sailing Techniques Maintenance and Conversions Comet History
Comet People Talking To … Sailing Away
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Why Sail a Comet?

Article Title
Author(s) Perihelion No.
Why Sail the Comet? Nigel Austin 118
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Buying a used Comet

Buying a Used Comet Clive Chapman and Norah Jaggers 110
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Sailing a Comet

A set of articles to get you started.
Setting Your Comet Sail 5, 6
The Comet for Really Raw Beginners Alan Browning 23, 24, 26, 27, 67
Sailing Your Comet Keith Lamdin 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Tips on Sailing a Comet Eddie Pope 94
Racing Your Comet Keith Lamdin 14, 15, 16, 17
Improving Your Racing Guy Wilkins, Mark Wilkins, Errol Edwards and John Regnard 29, 30, 32
Fluid Flow Alan Browning 34, 35, 36, 37
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Sailing Techniques

More advanced techniques to master as time goes by.
Capsize Avoidance Richard Smallwood 33
Comet Capsize Recovery John Windibank 32
Righting as Capsized Comet John Regnard 32
Capsize Recovery Brian Welham 101
Don’t just fall in Walk on Water Brian Welham 82
Downwind Sailing in a Comet Brian Welham 109
Downwind sailing Keith Lamdin 110
More on Downwind Sailing Annette Walker 110
Running before the storm Errol Edwards 33
Difficult Downwind? Keith Lamdin 33
Making heavy weather of Comet sailing Alex Reeve 33
Racing Checklist 109
Welcome to Costa del Solent or Sea Sailing for Beginners! Richard Smallwood 74
The Kicking Strap Ben Palmer 133
How to Succeed Pete Coop 137
Comet Training Notes Ben Palmer 138
Fitness Eddie Pope 139
Guide to Comet Sail Setting for Beginners & Intermediates Eddie Pope 141
Comet Racing Tips for Beginners & Intermediates Eddie Pope 142
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Maintenance and Conversions

Zero maintenance but.. Barry Hylton 30
5 top tips (for the care and feeding of your Comet) Mark Govier 83
How to Repair Gelcoat Scratches Andrew Simmons 5, 97
Converting your Comet to Centre Mainsheet Andrew Simmons 100
Comet Mast Hole Andrew Simmons 126
Suspension Care Brian Welham 102
Trailer Tips Malcolm Brown 102
Comet Mast Hole Andrew Simmons 140
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Comet History

Comet History Andrew Simmons 62
Comet No. 1 Brian Herring 95
Comet No. 1 Ian 127
Comet History Margaret Hylton 62
Celebrating 50 issues of Perihelion Alan Browning 50, 51
The Story of No. 6 Will Turner 4
The Prodigal returns Will Turner 17
Comets and Clubs – Aylesbury Chris Robinson 77
Comets and Clubs – Chipstead Ralph Rowe 78
Comets and Clubs – Gunfleet Keith Lamdin 81
Comet 31 Jeff Smith 133
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Comet People

A set of interviews by Brian Welham during which Association members answer a varied set of 20 questions.
Rhiain Bevan 89
Robin Balham 90
John Coppenhall 91
Keith Lamdin 92
Mark Wilkins 93
Eddie Pope 94
Annette Walker 95
Brian Herring 96
Norah Jaggers 97
Chris Robinson 99
Clive Chapman 101
Sarah Stone 103
Ben Palmer 104
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Talking to …

A set of interviews by Alan Browning
Jake Sutton 33
Henry Jaggers 35
The Thompson family 36
Richard Smallwood 37
Andy Simmons 39
John Windibank 40
Mark Wilkins 42
Keith Lamdin 43
Heather Back 45
Derek Coleman 46
Robert Hamilton 48
Margaret Hylton 49
Heidi Dodd + Martin Vinson 50
Phil + Liz Hossell 51
Ralph Rowe 53
Norah Gould 54
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Sailing Away

A set of articles on sailing away from Home waters
Small boats to big boats Derek Coleman 70
A couple, a Comet and a Duck John Windibank 71
An export success Ralph Rowe 73
Bumper boats on the Broads John Windibank 76
Rigged and Ready Mavis Windibank 79
Brittany Mark Govier 81
Versa Nationals Emma Brisley 82
Old Salts on the Broads Keith Lamdin 90
Uni Sailing Catherine Bellamy 91
Darting Devonward Norah Jaggers 130
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Blast from the Past!

A look back at to the past
1988 Dinghy Show John Windibank 69
Windy Events in 80’s and 90’s Keith Lamdin 70
1989 Cam John Windibank 76
New Sail in the Sunset John Windibank 129
Crash John Windibank 130
Comet Nationals Chris Robinson 131
Further Memories of the Nationals Keith Lamdin 132
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