Burghfield (Southern Aphelion)

Burghfield Sailing Club Hangar Road Theale, Reading, Berkshire

  Burghfield is a longstanding venue for Comet opens, and successful Championships have also been held at the club. The open meetings are held jointly with other classes, and in 2024 we are again sharing with the Solo fleet. The club facilities are excellent and launching is easy. It has a large area of water, […]

Hawley Lake (Southern Aphelion)

Hawley Lake Sail Training Centre Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey

  Hawley Lake is a small friendly club which has held Comet opens for many years. The open is being held alongside normal club racing (but with a separate start). Club facilities are good and launching is easy. The water is surrounded by trees and contains islands - an excellent venue for Comets!

Eyott SC (Southern Aphelion)

  This is the 2nd time the fleet has been invited to race at Eyott. The racing takes place in an area of the river very close to Up River YC, where an open meeting is being held the following day. Due to tide issues there will be 2 back to back races rather than […]

Bowmoor SC (Southern Aphelion)

Bowmoor SC Coln Park Lake Fairford Road, Lechlade, Gloucestershire

  Bowmoor SC is a thriving club on a large lake of some 120 acres in rural Gloucestershire (Southern Cotswolds). Bowmoor is experienced at holding successful open and championship events. There is an enthusiastic Comet fleet, with a Comet fleet captain and healthy entries of Comets in club races. A particular feature here is the […]

Severn Sailing Club (Southern Aphelion)

Severn Sailing Club Bredon's Norton, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

A longstanding venue for Comet opens, with a healthy number of Comet helms at the club. River sailing in a beautiful area, plenty of room to rig and launch, plus a comfortable clubhouse and great food.

Littleton (Southern Aphelion)

Littleton Sailing Club Littleton Lane, Shepperton, Middlesex

Littleton is a longstanding Comet venue. There are a couple of club Comets and a number of Comet helms. The 2024 open will be a joint open with the Solos. The facilities at Littleton are really good in all areas, with the 2 storey clubhouse affording virtually uninterrupted views over the whole 80 acres of […]