Why Comet?

Fast Friendly and Fun

Comet is a single handed, light, easily transportable and launchable by one person. It requires low maintenance and offers challenging performance but most of all is ONE DESIGN. The Comet is fast but surprisingly forgiving. Plenty of sail area for exciting sailing and amazing light wind performance but easily reefed for beginners. Extremely comfortable to sail with a roomy cockpit. Comets have a full programme of open meetings with large fleets at various clubs.

Comet Design

Whether you want to race fast and close with other Comets, learn the basics or simply fun sailing with a friend. Comet offers performance and versatility. In light winds the Comet has a reputation for being deceptively fast. The powerful sail set on an unstayed mast, in combination with a light, easily driven hull, make the Comet a light wind flyer. As the wind picks up, the Comet really takes off, planing easily but still always staying manageable and under control.

Thoughtful design & high specification.

Comet Fun

Great for family fun on holiday The Comets two piece mast and lightweight hull enable easy car topping. Quick and simple to rig for maximum time on the water. The Comet has a rear mainsheet which can be modified to a centre mainsheet. It has a deep cockpit floor and a self draining cockpit as used on the latest mass-produced singlehanders.  Even after a capsize, the small amount of water onboard soon disappears down the self-bailer!

Suitable for all ages & abilities

Comet Racing

Now a well established class with fleets at clubs around the UK. The standard Comet is instantly competitive for racing. There are however, various options like the rigging pack, telescopic tiller extension and many hull colours to help make each Comet individual. The cockpit is a lot deeper than other singlehanders and with its clean, uncluttered layout, the Comet is renowned for being a very comfortable dinghy to sail. The Comet attracts a wide variety of sailors of all ages and sailing experience. The owner of a new Comet becomes a member of the Class Association for the first year. The Association organises National and Inland Championships, a varied circuit of Open Meetings, and produces an interesting quarterly newsletter called ‘Perihelion’.

Comet Training

Popular with sailing schools, education authorities and youth groups, the Comet is an excellent dinghy for teaching. The new Mino rig or the easily reefed standard sail enables beginners to learn in a responsive dinghy of their own, although there is plenty of room for an instructor if required.

All the equipment on the Comet has been proven to be more than strong enough for the sailing school environment.

Comet Quality

Carefully built of GRP, the Comet hardly needs any maintenance. Although absolutely ready to sail as standard, there is a comprehensive range of optional extras and accessories available. The Comet is a quality dinghy that will give years of good service and enjoyment to its owner, whilst retaining a high resale value. The Comets’ construction, equipment and fittings are of the highest quality and make the Comet one of the best for value for money.

Comet Dimensions

Length 11′ 4″ 3.45 m
Beam 4′ 6″ 1.37 m
Hull Weight 110 lbs 50 kg


Standard Xtra Mino
Sail Area 70 sq ft 6.5 sq m 65 sq ft 6.0 sq m 54 sq ft 5.0 sq ft
Mast Height 19′ 10″ 6.05 m 17′ 11″ 5.48 m 16′ 10″ 5.13 m
Boom Length 9′ 2.74 m 8′ 2″ 2.485 m 8′ 6″ 2.59 m
PY 1204 1204 ?

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