Results 2020

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Sat 4th April Northern Attenborough Cancelled
Sat 18th April Southern Shearwater Cancelled
Sat 25th April Eastern Nottingham Cancelled
Sat 2nd May
Burghfield Cancelled
Sun 3rd May
Southern Hawley Lake
Sun 17th May
Western Merthyr Tydfil
23rd / 24th May
Association Championships
Cransley Cancelled
Sun 6th June Northern Windsford Flash
Sun 7th June Northern Carsington Cancelled
Sat 20th June Eastern Fishers Green
Sun 21st June Eastern Up River
Sat 27th June Western Cotswold Cancelled
Sat 28th June Western Baltic Wharf Cancelled
Sun 19th July Southern Frensham Pond Cancelled
Sun 2nd Aug Southern Mudeford No Entries
29th / 31st Aug National Championships Bala Cancelled
Sat 5th Sept Western Severn Cancelled
Sun 6th Sept Western Tewkesbury Cancelled
Sat 12th Sept Eastern Rickmansworth Cancelled
Sun 13th Sept Eastern Littleton Cancelled
Sat 19th Sept Southern Crawley Cancelled
Sun 20th Sept Eastern Chipstead
 Sat 3rd Oct Northern Redesmere
Sun 4th Oct Northern Ogston Cancelled
Sun 11th Oct Western Bristol Avon Cancelled
Sat 17th Oct Northern Staunton Harold Cancelled


Changes to the Travellers Series for 2020

Following the cancellation of all the Open events in the first part of the season, the cancellation of the Association and National Championships, plus the uncertainty as to whether the remaining Open meetings will be held, the Committee have reviewed the qualification of the Aphelion and Orbital travellers’ series. For the Aphelions the Committee have decided that due to the small number of Opens remaining and the uncertainty as to which events will go ahead it is not feasible to award the Aphelions this year. Due to the cancellation of the Championships it is no longer possible to qualify for the Orbital series using the original rules. Therefore, the Committee have revised the qualification for the Orbital to remove the requirement to attend a Championship and have also reduced the number of qualifying events if only a small number of Opens are held. The revised rules are as follows:


Not awarded


Open meeting overall results as determined by the host club, will be used after removal of the places for those helms who were not Comet Class Association members on the day of the event. For each Open, entrants may elect to use any of the four legal rigs: Standard, Xtra, Mino, or White Xtra, but once chosen, a rig may not be changed during an event.

To qualify for a position for the Orbital, our travellers’ series, you require entry into the minimum number of Open meetings. The minimum number of Open meetings depends on the number of completed Opens as listed below. An Open meeting will count towards the series if it is completed on the advertised date or at a later date within the year.

Your score will be the sum of your best results. The number of results to include is equal to the number of events to Qualify. E.g. if five Opens are completed, then you need to complete three Opens to qualify and your score is the sum of your best three results.

Ties will be broken in favour of the helm with the most 1sts, 2nds, 3rds, etc. in their results used to obtain their total score. If a tie remains it will be broken by the best place nearest the end of the series.

Number of Opens Completed Number of Events to Qualify
16 or more 6
15 5
14 5
13 5
12 5
11 5
10 4
9 4
8 4
7 4
6 3
5 3
4 3
3 2
2 2


If only one or no Opens are completed then the Orbital series will be cancelled.

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