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It only costs £20 or £26 (family) per year to belong to the Comet Association. This cost is reduced to £10 per year for juniors and there is an option for championship event entrants to have temporary membership for that event only for £10.

The Comet Class Association organises over 20 events each year for Comet helms to compete in. Although these are open to all Comet owners and helms, only members of the association are eligible to qualify for the various travellers trophies and enter the 2 championship events. These open events are run by a variety of clubs in locations all round the country and the schedule is for this year is listed in the Calendar.

The Comet Class publishes its newsletter, Perihelion, at regular intervals throughout the year. Each issue includes reports on the open meetings and championships, forthcoming events with directions, lots of Comet tips and interviews from the top helms, action shots and rules updates.

To join just download, fill in and return our application form.


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