The Comet Class Association

The Association is a voluntary RYA-affiliated organisation run by and for the benefit of owners of the Comet single-handed sailing dinghy. Its key objectives are to promote Comet sailing at all levels and to represent the interests of the owners. In pursuit of these objectives, the Association conducts and supports a number of activities.

The Association organises over 20 events a year. Two championships are held at which members of all ages and abilities are encouraged to take part. The National Championships is a three-day event usually held in July or August, while the Association Championships is a two-day event usually held in May, with the two events held in different parts of the country. It also supports and co-ordinates the staging of at least 20 open meetings each year at sailing clubs across the country ranging from Derbyshire to the South Coast, from South Wales to the East Coast of England. Results at these open meetings contribute to regional and national travellers’ trophies awarded by the Association.  Championship and travellers’ trophies are also awarded to club teams, and the Association also awards annual trophies to members who have made outstanding contributions to the Comet Class.

A magazine “Perihelion” is published at regular intervals each year containing articles over a range of topics, such as open meeting and championships reports and results, tips on Comet handling, rigging and maintenance, news from the Comet builder and Comet clubs, and other articles of general interest to Comet owners, as well as the usual reports from Association officers. Over the years, the magazine has also published technical reviews of developments in the Comet rig introduced by the builder.

Above all, the Association exists to promote and encourage the keen, competitive but friendly camaraderie at all levels for which the Comet Class is renowned.


Click on the links below for a brochure on the Comet Class Association, The Comet Dinghy, details of the 2024 events and a selection of articles from the Perihelion magazine.

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