Results 2016

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Date Event Region Results Report
Sun March 20th Frensham Pond South  Frensham Pond 2016  Frensham Pond
Sat April 9th Shearwater West  ShearwaterResult2016  Shearwater_2016
Sat April 16th Fishers Green South Fishers Green 16 16 Fishers Green
Sun April 17th Hunts  East Hunts 16  
Sat April 23rd Burghfield  East  Burghfield 16  16 Burghfield
Sat 7th – Sun 8th May Association Championships

@Sutton Bingham

Assoc Champ 2016 2016 Assoc


Our report

Sat May 21st Winsford Flash  North WFSC 2016 2016 WFSC
Sun June 5th Baltic Wharf  West Baltic Wharf 2016 2016 Baltic Wharf
Sat June 11th Chipstead  East  Chipstead 2016  
Sat June 18th Attenborough  North Attenborough 2016 2016 Attenborough


Sun July 10th Gunfleet  East GUNFLEET 2016 2016  Gunfleet
Sat July 16th Hawley Lake  South Hawley Lake 2016   
Sun July 31st Cransley  North Cransley 2016 2016 Cransley 
Sat August 6th Mudeford  West Mudeford 2016   
Fri 12th – Sun 14th August National Championships

Rutland Water

Nationals  Nationals
Sat September 3rd Severn  West Severn 2016   
Sun September 11th Littleton  South Littleton 2016   2016 Littleton
Sun September 18th Merthyr Tydfil  West Merthyr Tydfil 2016  2016 Merthyr 
Sat September 24th Cotswold  South Cotswold 2016   
Sat October 1st Bristol and Avon  West Bristol+Avon 2016   
Sun October 2nd Up River  East Up River 2016   
Sat October 8th Crawley Mariners South Crawley-Mariners 2016   
Sat October 15th Redesmere  North Redesmere 2016   
Sat October 22th Staunton Harold  North SHSC 2016
2016 SHSC

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